For the best professional glass splashbacks supply and installations in Louth, please contact O’Reilly Glass today.

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Glass Splashbacks

We are one of Louth’s primary suppliers of glass splashbacks. Our team of experts both supply and install glass splashbacks in kitchens all over Louth. Glass splashbacks are made from quality and reinforced glass that is designed to be heat resistant. Moreover, a wide variety of glass splashback varieties are available. No matter your sense of interior design, we’re sure to have the correct type of glass splashback for even the most discerning of tastes. Not sure what would work in your kitchen? Our team of experts can access your home and make recommendations based on your kitchen needs. We can also offer a free no-obligation quote based on the supply cost and the splashback installation cost.

For the best professional glass splashback supply and installation in Louth, please contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Advantages of Glass Splashbacks


Glass splashbacks are robust. They are designed to stand up to extreme heat and are chip and scratch-resistant.


Glass splashbacks are a stylish addition to any home. The range of colours available means kitchens of all styles can be enhanced with a glass splashback.

Easy to Maintain

Due to the smooth surface of the glass, splashbacks are very easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped clean using only the most basic cleaning products.

For the best in professional glass splashback services, get in contact with O’Reilly Glass today.

Glass Splashbacks FAQ

  • I need a glass splashback installed near me. What is your catchment area?

    We are a Louth-based company that offers supply and splashback services to customers throughout Louth and the surrounding counties.

  • How do I maintain a glass splashback?

    Glass splashback doesn’t demand much maintenance. They can be wiped or cleaned with everyday over-the-counter cleaning products.