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Stove Glass

An often overlooked but no less important aspect of glasswork is oven and stove glass. Stove glass is helpful for checking the state of your cooking, but needs to be made of highly heat-resistant glass.


At O’Reilly Glass, we’ve been selling and installing stove glass for years, making sure your meals are heated well and that the glass is strong and sturdy.

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ROBAX Stove Glass

Our successful stove glass implementation is thanks to our high quality materials, such as ROBAX Stove Glass. ROBAX is a hybrid glass-ceramic material capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.

The material is able to withstand the force of extreme heat without distorting its structure or releasing heat outside of its contained area. It’s the backbone of our stove glass solutions.

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Stove Glass Replacement

If your stove glass is older or was poorly installed previously, you might need to consider stove glass replacement to get your kitchen operations back up and running.


Thankfully, the team at O’Reilly Glass is ready to help you. Our stove glass replacement services are quick and cost-effective, installed by our team of professional and friendly glass specialists.

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Stove Glass Cleaner

In the case of certain stove glass, impurities or debris may have left damaging or unattractive marks on the surface which clash with the rest of your kitchen as well as potentially impacting the quality of your meals.

For the stove glass upgraded and installed by O’Reilly Glass, we use only the highest quality stove glass cleaner. It quickly removes impurities and stains inside and outside of the stove, as well as making sure the glass remains undamaged during the cleaning process.

For information on how we use our stove glass cleaners, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Stove Glass - ROBAX® FAQ

  • Where can I get stove glass replacement near me?

    You can call us by phone to discuss stove glass replacement options. We cater to all of Ireland and our prices are reasonable with no hidden charges.

  • What are the advantages of ROBAX® material?

    ROBAX is a hybrid glass-ceramic material that can withstand extremely high temperatures without losing stability or integrity.