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Acoustic Laminated Glass

If you work in an area that generates a lot of noise, or want peace and quiet in your home, you could find a use for acoustic laminated glass.

Acoustic laminated glass is a special type of laminated glass that provides highly-effective sound resistant properties. When installed in a home, it creates a strong barrier that makes sure minimal sound gets in or out.

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Acoustic Insulation

The process of acoustic insulation is complex, needing a special kind of material to effectively absorb sound before it reaches its destination.

For acoustic insulation in laminated glass, the film in between the layers of glass is specifically designed to absorb sound better than other film types. The glass comes in different thickness variants, but the layering is always the same process.

O’Reilly Glass

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Sound Proof Materials

As well as the acoustic film being a key element of sound proof materials, the glass itself at O’Reilly Glass is also a key element.

Made in a variety of thicknesses and able to be applied in many locations, the finely crafted glass we produce is another element in helping soften sound before and after it passes through the acoustic film.

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Acoustic Laminated Glass FAQ

  • Where can I get acoustic insulation glass near me?

    You can order acoustic insulation glass from our website, or you can chat to one of our staff members over the phone to arrange fitting.

  • How does acoustic insulation work?

    Acoustic insulation works by placing up barriers in the form of special materials to absorb sound. The sound gets significantly quieter once it passes through the material.