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For outside balconies and inside banisters, you might’ve used a standard material for a safe and reliable barrier for these high areas. But a new and increasingly popular option is the Crystal-View glass banister.

Crystal-View is a unique frameless balustrade system, letting you put high-quality glass up as your barrier that is incredibly resilient and durable.

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Glass Banisters

Glass banisters at O’Reilly Glass are nothing new to us, but we’re pleased to say that the Crystal-View implementation has made the process simple and painless in recent years.

The glass can be prepared in a wide variety of thickness levels and styles, ranging from satin and opal finishes to purely transparent glass.

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Glass Staircase Banisters

For internal use, the Crystal-View system works amazingly for glass staircase banisters.

Just like the glass steps service we offer, the glass staircase banisters are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, but do not sacrifice their strength and security for aesthetic purposes. They can be designed to complement any staircase setup.

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Crystal-View  FAQ

  • What are the advantages of using Crystal-View glass?

    The advantages of using Crystal-View glass are allowing us to quickly and painlessly install a glass banister for any exterior or interior environment, while also providing a minimal, frameless glass banister unlike any other.

  • What is the best glass banister for a staircase?

    The best glass banister for a staircase is one designed wth a high-quality balustrade system such as Crystal-View. This system, in combination with the high-quality glass options at O’Reilly Glass, helps create a truly unique and strong glass banister for your staircase.