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Frameless Shop Fronts & Doorways

Before your customer even enters the store, their first impression is going to be the entrance. If you want to leave a lasting impression, frameless shop fronts and doorways are sure to draw in all kinds of customers, old and new.

At O’Reilly Glass, we take care of installing all glass doors, windows and accompanying ironmongery. Once we’re finished, your new shop front will exude sophistication and professionalism.

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Frameless Glass

The backbone of a frameless installation is frameless glass. Much like our other glass options, frameless glass is made using the latest techniques and materials, available in forms like toughened or laminated glass.

The frameless glass options are unique in how they are not surrounded by the typical frames of conventional glass windows or doors, instead being secured with no visible fixings to create a minimal look.

O’Reilly Glass

To learn about how frameless glass can be used, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Shop Front

Frameless shop fronts are unique additions to any business. At O’Reilly Glass, we’ve helped anywhere from new startups to long standing Irish businesses with the installation or upgrade to new shop fronts.

We offer frameless glass in a wide range of embellishments, including designs on the glass such as your company’s logo.

O’Reilly Glass

If you’re thinking about improving your shop front’s visuals, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Glass Front Doors

Frameless glass doorways help make your business look modern and professional, and look great on both exteriors and interiors.

Glass front doors provided by O’Reilly Glass are made with the same level of quality as any of our other products, and are carefully installed by our expert team of glass specialists with a quick turnaround.

For more information on fitting glass front doors, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Frameless Shop Fronts & Doorways FAQ

  • Where can I find frameless glass near me?

    Frameless glass can be discussed over the phone at O’Reilly Glass with one of our helpful and friendly staff members. We deliver to all of Ireland.

  • What’s the difference between frameless and conventional glass?

    Conventional glass typically has a frame or some form of visible fixings. Frameless glass sacrifices none of the security of conventional glass while also having minimal visible fixings.