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CNC Work

Computer Numerical Control, also known as CNC Work, is one of the unique specialist services available at O’Reilly Glass.

What was one complex hand-operated work can now be simplified and enhanced by means of advanced cutting technology. Our CNC operations are able to create stunning glass creations with an unbelivably quick turnaround.

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CNC Machines

The CNC Machines available at O’Reilly Glass are some of latest mechanisms in CNC technology. The machines are fully equipped to cut and create glass from any thickness level up to 25mm.

Using these machines, we’ve been able to make custom designs for tabletop panels, glass windows, and even mirrors with forensic precision and quick turnaround.

For more information on the CNC machine technology, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Lathe Machining

As a feature of our CNC technology, we are able to perform lathe machining techniques on a number of our glassware.

Lathe machining works by holding an object in place against a surface while rotating it around an axis. The rotational movement allows for bespoke and eye-catching designs to be made across a wide variety of projects, and with much more efficiency than if it was hand-crafted.

To see our lathe machining creations, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

CNC Laser Cutter

Our CNC Laser Cutter is one of the most important tools in our inventory. The backbone of an effective CNC System is the quality of its laser cutter.

Our systems are easily maintainable and customizable for any specific requests by customers for their designs. By extension, we can adjust the strength and accuracy of our laser for difficult design work, promising you a piece of glassware that couldn’t be created as easily without the use of CNC.

For information on creations made using our CNC Laser Cutter, contact O’Reilly Glass today.


  • What is CNC Work?

    CNC, also known as computer numerical control, is a machine-controlled system of cutting and creating unique and complex glassware that can’t be easily made by hand.

  • Where can I find CNC Work near me?

    To learn more about CNC Work at O’Reilly Glass, contact us by phone and one of our staff members will discuss project ideas and planning.