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Safety Glass

Safety glass is another, but no less important, feature of making sure your premises are safe from vandalism and emergencies such as fire.

When combined with an already existing security system, safety glass becomes an integral part that helps keep your building safe 24/7.

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Toughened Glass

Our toughened glass is available in a wide variety of thickness levels, from 4mm to 19mm (EN 12150 Glass) that are perfect for all different kinds of safety glass installations.

Also known as tempered glass, the toughened glass options at O’Reilly Glass can be used in windows, shop fronts, office dividers and glass doors. We promise quick installation as well as reasonable rates.

O’Reilly Glass

To learn more about how toughened glass helps with your building’s security, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Laminated Glass

At O’Reilly Glass we also offer laminated glass options for customers. Although its strength differs from toughened glass, laminated glass is highly effective at reducing glass shard shatter if damaged.

Thanks to its specific manufacturing process, laminated glass does not leave behind a hole or multiple shards when damaged and stays in place. This allows the glass to still be used temporarily while waiting for a replacement and reduces the risk of damage.

To learn more about whether your building could benefit from laminated glass, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Tempered and Laminated Safety Glass

Of course, tempered and laminated safety glass does not need to be a choice. At O’Reilly Glass, we have over 40 years of experience, and are ready to be flexible to our customer’s needs.

If you think your business could benefit from both toughened and laminated safety glass solutions, our team is ready to discuss possible options for you in order to get the most out of your business’ security system.

To learn more about implementing both tempered and laminated security glass, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Safety Glass FAQ

  • Where can I find safety glass near me?

    Safety glass fittings can be discussed over the phone with us. Our friendly staff are ready to help discuss price plans and installation timeframes that suit you and your business’ needs.

  • What is the difference between toughened and laminated glass?

    Toughened glass typically is much stronger than laminated glass, allowing for extremely resilient glass windows and other applications.

    While laminated glass is not as strong, it has the advantage of minimal spread from damage, will not leave large glass shards, and is easy to repair.