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Glass Display Cases

Whether it’s glassware, family photos, sports trophies or more, you need a competent way to both store and display these items.

At O’Reilly Glass, we offer glass display cases in all shapes and sizes for a wide range of needs, all made to a high standard and with quick installation times.

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Corner Display Cabinet

For an unobtrusive way to display some of your most treasured items, consider looking into corner display cabinets. When paired with another corner-based piece of furniture, such as a cornered sofa, it helps show how effectively you can utilise your room’s space.

Corner display cabinets come in all different colours and finishes, and glass design can be customised to suit your needs.

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Wall Display Cabinets

Wall display cabinets are one of the most popular options for glass display cases at O’Reilly Glass. These display cabinets are not only ways to display your items, but staples of your room’s interior design.

The cabinet’s glass can come in different levels of thickness, and even in the form of coloured glass. Our team is flexible with our installations and wants to help you get a truly unique and pleasing piece of wall furniture.

If you’d like to inquire about our collection of wall display cabinets, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Lit Display Cabinets

For those who require treasured items to be seen in low-lit areas or to align better with a room’s lighting scheme, O’Reilly Glass offers a range of lit display cabinets.


These cabinets contain lights that are easily maintained, and the glass is specifically designed to compliment any sort of lighting arrangement in your room.

For more information about lit display cabinets for your home, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Glass Display Cases FAQ

  • Where can I find glass display cabinets for sale?

    Glass display cabinets can be found on our website, or if you’d prefer you can call us and speak to one of our members of staff.

  • Where can I place my glass display cabinets?

    Glass display cabinets can be placed in a wide variety of locations. You can choose to place them at a ground level, but there are also the options of wall installations as well as corners.