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Antique Mirrors

Nothing adds a better sense of sophistication to your home than a classy antique mirror. Antique and vintage mirrors remain a popular choice to this day, even when compared to newly-produced mirrors.

At O’Reilly Glass, we have a long history of selling and restoring antique mirrors. Using our 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve got the skills and equipment needed to make your antique mirror shine.

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Antique Mirror Glass

Thanks to our background in glassware, we’ve worked on all kinds of mirrors, both new and old. When it comes to antique mirror glass, we take extra care to polish the mirror to a level where it still maintains its antique look while also being a functional aspect of your wall decoration.

Antique mirror glass can also be known as distressed glass, making it stand out compared to standard mirrors.

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Distressing a Mirror

If you’re unable to find an antique mirror design that doesn’t suit your tastes, one possible alternative would be distressing a mirror. Mirror distressing is a complex process which involves creating a surface similar to the glass you might see on an antique or vintage mirror.

At O’Reilly Glass, our skilled specialists are available to perform a distressing process on one of your currently existing mirrors. This helps give it a fascinating combination of both new and old styles, complimenting your interior design excellently.

If you want to learn about distressing a mirror and whether it’s for you, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Antique Gold Mirrors

Regardless of what type of antique mirror you own, O’Reilly Glass has experience with all types. One popular type is gold antique mirrors, known for their distinct shining borders.

As well as taking excellent care of antique mirror glass, we make sure to preserve the state of the mirror’s frame so that you retain that complete, sophisticated look.

If you have or are interested in an antique gold mirror, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Antique Mirrors FAQ

  • Where can I find antique mirrors for sale?

    Antique mirrors are available to purchase on our website. Fitting or distressing services can be discussed over the phone with one of our helpful staff members.

  • What does distressing a mirror do?

    Distressing a mirror takes a modern, newly-produced mirror and generates a surface similar to the glass seen on an antique mirror.