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Fire Glass

O’Reilly Glass is ahead of the competition when it comes to their fire glass options. Our fire glass is tested and exposed to extreme heat so that it can used in any number of applications.

Our fire glass is able to withstand extreme heat and fire in emergency situations far better than conventional glass fittings, helping all building occupants leave the premises in a safe and timely manner.

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Fire Rated Glass Windows

Our fire rated glass windows are ideal for large office spaces and buildings. Thanks to our extensive heat-resistant fire glass testing, our fire glass is able to maintain clear transparency even under the conditions of extreme heat.

The glass aims to keep you and your employees safe while not compromising on your building’s look, fitting in seamlessly with all kinds of interior and exterior design.

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Fireplace Glass

A unique addition to any living space is a fireplace, especially when fitted with heat-resistant fireplace glass. At O’Reilly Glass, fireplace glass are extremely heat-resistant in comparison to conventional glass and altnerative fire guards.

It helps keep your fire in a single location while also maintaining complete transparency like conventional glass options.

O’Reilly Glass

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Fire Resistant Glass

The fire resistance glass at O’Reilly Glass uses the latest innovations in security glass solutions.

In the case of extreme heat or fire, our fire-resistant glass has strong impact resistance. However, once the heat has begun to break down the material, the layered structure of the glass slows down advancing heat or flames, allowing more time for occupants to leave the building in an emergency.

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Fire Glass FAQ

  • Where can I find fire glass near me?

    Fire resistant glass can be ordered from our website using our online store. If you wish to discuss a fitting service, please contact us by phone.

  • What can I use fire-resistant glass with?

    Fire-resistant glass has many uses. For commercial, office environments, it can be used as another deterrent for fire and extreme in the case of an emergency. For domestic use, it can be applied to fireplaces to help contain the flames while also looking aesthetically pleasing.