Why you should consider a glass splashback in your kitchen

As one of the busiest and most functional rooms in the house, a kitchen inevitably gets dirty. From spills, food stains to crumbs and burn stains, the average kitchen goes through a lot. And there is nowhere that is subjected to more staining than the wall behind your worktop.
From having to endure the heat of an active hob to being splattered with everything from food to steam, the splashback area of the kitchen will eventually show signs of wear and tear. This is particularly true of tiled kitchen splashbacks. Certain tile types begin to absorb stains leading to a dulled look and less vibrant colours. This loss of luminosity has a knock-on effect on the rest of the kitchen, eventually creating a tired less welcoming environment – which is far from ideal for a room used as frequently as a kitchen. To avoid this slow but inevitable decline, we highly recommend considering installing a glass splashback.