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Toughened Laminated Glass

While some might think that reinforced glass is only used for security situations, there is also a substantial amount that sees it as a unique and classy element of their house as well.

At O’Reilly Glass, we offer toughened laminated glass. This glass provides extra reinforcement compared to the separated version of each glass type, while also providing a sleek, pristine look for your balustrades, glass doors and windows compared to convention glass options.

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Laminated Glass

The benefit of this glass type Is thanks to the unique properties offered by laminated glass. Now backed with the strength of toughened or tempered glass, the unique look and design of laminated glass gives you a glass panel that is both safe, strong and elegant.

It can act as a protective layer before toughened glass is damaged, and is easily replaced thanks to its minimal glass shatter spread.

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Toughened Laminated Glass Windows

At O’Reilly Glass, we have experience with all shapes and sizes of windows. In particular, our toughened laminated glass windows are one of our most powerful options for windows.

Utilising both the strength of tempered glass and the unique properties of laminated glass, you get a resilient window with a unique look that’s sure to keep you safe and mae your house look outstanding.

If you’re thinking about improving your living space with toughened laminated glass windows, contact O’Reilly Glass today.

Toughened Laminated Glass Price

Compared to separate installations, the toughened laminated glass price can be considered a premium, no matter the installation.

At O’Reilly Glass, we put the customer’s needs first and want to be fully transparent about our prices. On our website, anything you order is the final cost and no hidden costs are applied. For services and fittings, we offer reasonable, flexible rates and are always willing to discuss the price breakdown over the phone.

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Toughened and Laminated Glass FAQ

  • Where can I find toughened laminated glass suppliers near me?

    At O’Reilly Glass, we serve all of Ireland. If you want to learn more about getting toughened laminated glass fitted in your home, give us a call.

  • What is the difference between toughened and laminated glass?

    Toughened glass is stronger than laminated glass, but laminated glass has a unique finish and has minimal glass shatter. Their combination creates a unique and strong glass product that is perfect for any home.